Shenzhen Luhui Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. has built a vigorous technology team made up of teammates with a profound technological background and high qualities, of which 50% are R&D personnel and 85% are personnel of the undergraduate degree or above.
Luhui is committed to R&D, production and sales of modularized intelligent sorting systems, glass fiber reinforced plastics transmission sliding chutes, logistics machines, new-type intelligent tools, small-field system integration and new materials. Currently, we have not only forged partnership with multiple renowned e-commerce logistics companies, including Jingdong Logistics, China Post, Best Logistics, Zhejiang Demon, Guangdong Xinyuan, and Jinfengfu, but also provided distribution center design plans, new-type carrying and allocation tools, and information collection analysis and solution plans for multiple renowned enterprises.

Luhui is devoted to providing professional service and support for all clients:
All our products are self-developed, and operated steadily, which are applicable to multiple industries, including e-commerce, express delivery, logistics, fashion, cigarettes, mom & baby products, books and light industries.

Our excellent R&D team can provide professional design and customized plans. It takes less than 60 days from the issuance of the task brief to the completion of design.

Luhui’s after-sales services are quick to respond. We can arrive at the client’s site within 6 hours within the province, and within 8 hours beyond the province.

Solution Plan:
Luhui provides different sorting solution plans for different industries, effectively addressing clients’ pain spots to achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency improvement.